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by providing workshops and other services that will enhance the creativity of your staff and align it to your commercial goals. Our workshops will enrich your programme of staff development.

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Just designers, artists, musicians, dancers, actors, architects? Just arty types? No, a creative is anybody who imagines something that doesn’t yet exist and nurtures that vision from imagination to reality using their determination, skill and personality.

So, do you work with creatives? Very likely, yes. Most of us work with creative people in some way. Your company might be public or private, work within the service sector, manufacturing, finance, technology, the arts or education. Your creatives might be in creative jobs or they might simply work in a creative way.

We hope you have lots of these people in your organisation working in all departments and at all levels. Would you thrive or even survive without them?

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We believe that creatives are vital to successful Organisations. They do not form a single group requiring just one style of management and therefore be tricky to work with and manage, but it can be done!

All organisations need creatives, but there can be a gap between your company processes and their creative imagination and ways of working. Working with Creatives can bridge this gap. We can help your company and its creatives make the most of their talents while achieving your goals.

"Meet the Creatives"

We’ve created some short clips to show you some personality traits that creative people may demonstrate. Here are two examples of creative personas:

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Solo isn’t a team player. Very creative, but Solo seems to resent others’ involvement when collaboration is needed. Who really owns the project, Solo or the company?

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Molotov the disrupter. Molotov loves change. Revolution, that’s what’s really needed. If only ‘management’ wasn’t in the way! It’s Molotov’s dream to fight for justice through creativity.

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I’m the founder and director of Working with Creatives. I have led organisations in both Europe and South East Asia, including colleges training creatives: designers, artists, musicians, photographers, actors, dancers, marketeers… The thread linking them all is creativity. I have learned an enormous amount from my teams about how to work with, lead and inspire creative people.

If your organisation employs creative people,
Working with Creatives can help you.

what we offer
Professor Alastair Pearce

What we offer

Working with Creatives can provide your organisation with a range of face-to-face and online services...

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Staff Development Sessions

Working with Creatives offers face-to-face and online workshops based on common characteristics of creatives. Delegates learn effective ways of working with, and managing, their creative colleagues.

Find out more about our Staff Development Sessions.

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Advisory Reports

Prof Pearce can visit an organisation to prepare an advisory report for senior management on its work with creative colleagues.

Find out more about our Advisory Reports.

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Colleagues new to roles that involve managing creative people sometimes find challenging the flexibility needed; a mentor can help.

Find out more about our Mentoring.



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" "

Prof Pearce’s use of real life events illustrated his ideas for working with creative colleagues brilliantly.

- English National Opera

" "

The workshop challenged me to refresh my working habits with creatives. Surprising!


" "

Delivered in an engaging and supportive safe environment. Really enjoyed the session, thankyou!

- Birmingham Royal Ballet
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