A must have for leaders of creatives...

June 29th

🎨 Hello Creative Minds and Curious Leaders! 🎨

I am thrilled to introduce my latest book, "The Characters of Creativity"! 📘

As someone who has spent decades working with creatives and managing their eclectic energies, I've often encountered the conundrum: How can we release innate creativity in a structured environment? 🤔 This book is my answer.

In "The Characters of Creativity", you’ll meet intriguing archetypes like Solo, who shies away from teams, or Artiste, who can't stand work evaluations. You’ll recognize these characters in your colleagues and possibly, in the mirror! 🕵️

Here’s what makes this book essential for creatives and managers alike:

- 🌟 *Understanding Creatives*: Delve into the motivations and intricacies of creative minds.

- 🛠️ *Practical Strategies*: Learn actionable techniques to foster creativity without hindering it.

- 🏢 *Enhanced Workplace Dynamics*: Discover how to create an environment where creativity thrives, benefiting the whole organization.

- 🧠 *Deep Insights*: Gain a deepened understanding of the unusual motivations of creative people. Creative people are different; standard management techniques just don’t work!

I’m particularly excited about sharing strategies for turning strategy into creativity and developing a fertile ecology for innovation to flourish. 💡

Creativity is not just an art; it’s a vital resource in any industry. Let's unblock the pipes of creativity together! 🎉

Order your copy now and embark on this journey to unlocking the full potential of creativity in the workplace!

🛒 Grab your copy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Characters-Creativity-creativity-understanding-colleagues/dp/9063696698