Training Journal article, Working with Creatives: Managing a Creative Team

13th October, 2021

Working with Creatives has been asked to do an Article for the Training Journal. The article describes the role of managing a creative team:

"Is it possible to manage creative colleagues? Yes, but the manager does need some special skills. The previous pieces in this series focussed on one of four creative character types: Playful, Solo, Artiste, and Molotov. Let’s look at the manager and leadership strategies that can enhance the creative process.

The manager of creative colleagues needs to be a connoisseur, a protector and a fan. Connoisseurs of fine wine or art don’t need to know how wine is made or how to hold a paintbrush, but they do recognise quality. The manager of creative colleagues is in the same position; he / she doesn’t come up with the creative ideas but must recognise and insist upon creative work of an appropriate quality. The managers of creative colleagues also have to be happy with guard duty, and it’ll help if they have extra eyes in the backs of their heads. Creatives need protecting from the bureaucratic procedures..."

The full article is available at: