Training Journal article, Working with Creatives: Molotov

23rd August, 2021

Working with Creatives has been asked to do an Article for the Training Journal. The article describes one of our creatives called 'Molotov'.

"Molotov detonates hand grenades. She’s the creative who demands change in your company and works for it with explosive force.

What’s her nickname? Is it Molotov the Revolutionary, or how about Molotov the Disruptor, or perhaps Molotov the Change Agent? And who gets to choose? Well, no-one decides their own nickname, and this is important, for the soubriquets you and your colleagues choose for Molotov reflect, then frame, your various professional relationships with her.

If you see her actions as revolutionary then you’ll likely pull up the drawbridge for defensive action; if instead you interpret them as prompts for positive change, then she’s a helpful colleague with valuable creative ideas..."

The full article is available at: