Training Journal article, Working with Creatives: Artiste

15th July, 2021

Working with Creatives has been asked to do an Article for the Training Journal. The article describes one of our creatives called 'Artiste'.

‘The main problem with Artiste is she just can’t take criticism - even the most constructive. Her face just creases up and I know she’s turned off her audio input. And my comments weren’t insensitive or wounding. So why?

‘She’s actually rather good in teams, enjoys talking about her latest project. She’ll go on about it for ever actually!

‘Not so hot watching focus groups though, gets really twitchy when they’re judging her work. But when its praised she’s a different person, I’d swear she actually glows! I know everybody likes that reaction, but for Artiste it’s as if her life depends on it, sort of oxygen for her...

The full article is available at: