Training Journal article, Working with Creatives: Playful

13th October, 2021

Working with Creatives has been asked to do an Article for the Training Journal. The article describes one of our creatives called 'Playful'.

"Have you got any annoying colleagues at work; yes? But is there one who sticks out? So irritating, but at other times really fun to work with? Odd, your mind is pretty much made up about the others, but with this guy? Just can’t figure it. Sometimes he’s a real pain: forgetting about that key meeting; missing the deadline; coming up with ideas totally off the point; sulks; even tantrums! But then his enthusiasm, the sheer joy of his working practice and the originality and fun of his creative ideas draw you into his world, a world closer to the school playground than the office coffee machine. His name’s Playful. Know him?..."

The full article is available at: