Training Journal article, Working with Creatives: Solo

19th May, 2021

Working with Creatives has been asked to do an Article for the Training Journal. The article describes one of our creatives called 'Solo'.

There are many types of creative. Let's look at one that we're going to call 'Solo'. Does Solo work in your company? He’s very creative but hopeless in teams.

If your company’s success depends on the creativity of its employees it’s obviously sensible to develop working practices that get the highest levels of creativity from those colleagues. And this can be tricky, for creative people are not famous for getting up in the morning to contemplate how their personal creativity can be yet more closely aligned to the company strategic plan.

How do you get Solo doing his best creative work for you? Solo’s great when left alone but most of your company’s projects require a team of co-operating colleagues and Solo just clams up when he’s forced to attend...

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